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'The Audio Travel Magazine to satisfy your imagination' Everything you need to know about Busan plus
Travel information for trendy travellers!
On the Road Busan


Daily Segments

  • Busan Today : The hottest news and events of the day in Busan
  • Laura's Morning Get-Away : Get the feeling of travel without ever leaving your house!

Weekly Segments


  • My Travel Story : Stories related to Travel and Busan through the voices of our listeners
  • Ryan's Travel Games (with Ryan Estrada) : Play different games every week with Ryan and his interesting travel stories


  • Weekly 사투리 : Learn Busan Dialect with fun skits and nonsense!
  • Eat Play Love (with Tegan Smith) : Eat, enjoy and have fun! How to enjoy Busan to the fullest!


  • Hello, There! : Answer our phone call and we'll have a chat! You'll win a prize!
  • Busan Inssa Talk (with special guests) : The Special talk segment about Busan with special guests who
    share their tips on how to enjoy Busan


  • Laura's Audio Log: Let's spy a Laura's Daily life outside the studio
  • Busan Nerd (With Mia Kim) : Deep dive info all about Busan with the Busan Nerd Mia!


  • Congratulations! : We celebrate our listeners' special day together!
  • What A Weird World (with Andrew Murphy) : Explore the weirdest travel destinations and tour programs around the world!


  • "Hello Gwangju - Hello Busan" : This 2 hour tourism program is produced by GFN in Gwangju


  • “Hello Busan - Hello Gwangju” : Join our special 2 hour Busan toursim Program !
    • Weekend Planner (with Casey Mckeever) : Make your weekend plan with various festivals and events in Busan!
    • ORB Quiz show (with Ethan Campbell) : The Busan quiz show, all about Busan!
    • (Re)Eat Play Love with Tegan
    • (Re)Busan Inssa Talk

Staff and Cast

Jiyeong Min
Laura Mcluckie Jeon
Lim Sujin