Get Microsoft Silverlight Get Microsoft Silverlight

SeaGull Player가 실행이 안되는 경우

  1. 1. Click on the “Microsoft Silverlight Install” button and follow the instructions to install the Silverlight program
  2. 2. If you still cannot see the page, try refreshing the web browser (F5 for Windows, CMD+R for Mac)

내 PC에 SeaGull Player 설치하기

  1. 1.Right mouse-click the Seagull Player above
  2. 2. Click on the “Install the Seagull Player on this computer”
  3. 3. Checkmark the “Start Menu” and “Desktop” square boxes.
  4. 4. Click confirm
  5. 5. Once the installation has finished, double click on the Seagull player to listen to live streams.

※ Once you have the Seagull Player, you do not need to access the website to listen to live streams.