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Special Interview : Korean adoptees in search of their birth parents and legal systems
  • 작성자 BeFM
  • 작성일 2020-06-17
  • 조회 966
  • 프로그램명 Morning Wave In Busan
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A Seoul  court  on June 12th ruled in favor  of a Korean adoptee, Kara Bos, who filed a lawsuit last year to find her biological father in a landmark ruling that acknowledged adoptees' legal rights to find their family roots.
Morning Wave in Busan interviewed Kara Bos, known as 강미숙 in Korean. 
"엄마, 미안해하지 마세요. 그냥 오세요. 저는 당신이 정말 보고싶어요. 그냥 오세요" she said on air in basic Korean.
She is still looking for her biological mom..