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[COVID-19] Routes of patients #1 ~ #100 in Busan
  • 작성일 : 2020-02-22
  • 조회수 : 17674
  • 작성자 : BeFM
According to recommendations from the  Central Epidemic Control Countermeasure Headquarters(2020. 4. 12),  information on the movements of a confirmed patient will not be disclosed after confirmation that 14 days have passed after the last contact made with another person.
Beginning April 1st, all arrivals from overseas will be required to go under self-quarantine for two weeks.
The government estimates about 2000 rooms will be needed to accommodate those without proposer self-quarantine locations in South Korea.  The Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters secured about 1600 rooms for self quarantine cites for foreign entrants. 
The government will charge all users of the self quarantine facilities roughly 100 thousand won per day. 
The authorities expect the number of entrants to go down as even short term travelers will be required to quarantine themselves for fourteen days.  Currently, Korail operates designated cars in the KTX train for overseas entrants at the same fare as the other seats.   In line with this, Busan announced that the city will provide transportation from KTX Busan Station to their residencies or accommodations.   
This transportation service will use 30 두리발 vehicles, usually for transporting people with disabilities; users of the service will be responsible for the cost.   
In regards to confirmed patients so far, Busan has been conducting an epidemiological survey in order to inspect the routes and those that have been in contact with confirmed patients. In terms of the routes of confirmed patients, we have conducted an immediate disinfection, and taken quarantine measures on those that have come into contact.
Please avoid going outside and take extra caution about personal hygiene, such as wearing a mask or washing hands, until the COVID-19 settles down. ​​  
If you are suspecting minor symptoms, please rest at home for 2~3 days. If you are still in doubt and show suspected symptoms, call 1339 (or 1345 for foreign language service) or inquire a medical center near you. ​
Also, please call the medical center in advance to make an appointment before visits. 
(All 162 people in the kindergarten attached to 수영(Suyeong) elementary school have been tested completely with 161 negative and 1 positive result (busan # 72, employee), this does not include the previous 4 confirmed cases of employees in the kindergarten)