• Introduction


Air Time

  • Monday - Friday 18:08 ~ 20:00

Overview of programs

Liven up your Evening Commute with the Show All About Busan
We deliver the latest news, education, life-oriented information, and up-to-the-minute trends!
The infotainment LIVE radio show where information, culture, and knowledge meet your ears. Welcome to Inside out Busan!

Daily Segments

  • Keywords Today : Domestic and international headlines from your daily keyword search.
  • Daily Opinion : Hot clips and hot topics to get you talking.
  • News Busan :  All the latest news updates from Busan Metropolitan City.
  • Brain Teasers : These tricky quiz questions will keep our listeners scratching their heads!
  • Pick Up Line! : To wrap up the show we call YOU to see what’s up on your evening commute.

Weekly Segments


  • IN Busan:
    • What’s going on in Busan? Events, news and more, all about Busan.
  • Busan Genius: : It’s The Busan Encyclopedia Quiz Segment! Your Real Guide to Busan!


  • Citizens Bureau :
    • An easy-to-understand look at real legal issues affecting expats in Korea.
  • My Favorite Tutor: The practical English ‘Coaching Project’ to help Busan’s global citizens improve their English skills.


  • Korea Now :
    • The segment that dives into global cultural trends through big data.
  • Tegan’s Busan Close Up:
    • Leave no stone unturned! This is the way to fully enjoy every corner of Busan.


  • Geek Out:
    • The best place to share news about IT, science, and medicine. Find out what will drive the future of the 4th industrial revolution
  • Elegant Korean :
    • Do you know...Korean? Time to brush up on your Korean language skills and cultural fluency with these customized lessons for Korean learners!


  • 2030 Busan World Expo :
    • Specialized audio content to introduce the people, history and cultural wonders of Busan to a Global audience, as together we pave the way to host the 2030 Busan World Expo.
  • Open Studio
    • Interviews with the people, by the people, for the people of Busan. Stories of exceptional citizens in the era of diversity and togetherness, living in the global city of Busan.


  • Producer : Aram Park
  • Host : Laura McLuckie
  • Writer : Lim, Sujin