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Dear listeners, It is an honor to address you.

I am the Chairman of
Busan English Broadcasting,
Sung-Wan Byeon

I would like to show gratitude for your support,
which has helped to improve
Busan English Broadcasting.

Ever since our first broadcast back in 2009, Busan English Broadcasting has been constantly growing. Thanks to your passionate love and support, we were able to achieve full 24 hours broadcasting and self-produced program rate at over 50%.

At BeFM, we are trying our best to get closer to the community, by developing accessible listening methods such as smartphone apps. We produce various special events and documentaries, and also strengthen news and information programs so as to satisfy the listeners the need for knowledge. We are working hard to contribute to the globalization of Busan.

As a local public broadcasting station, we, at Busan English Broadcasting will make our best efforts to achieve the values of "Global Broadcasting", "Open Broadcasting", "Beneficial Broadcasting". We strive to become a competitive station meeting your expectations.

I wish you the very best in you and your families' future endeavours.

Chairman, Busan English Broadcasting Foundation Sung-Wan Byeon


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