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New Media
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Department, Position, Name, Responsibilities, Phone Number 현황표입니다.
Department Position Name Responsibilities Phone Number
C.E.O Kideuk Jeon Director of Busan English Broadcasting 663-0000
Administration & Planning Team Head of Administration & Planning LEE YEONG JUNG Head of Administration & Business Dept. 663-0003
Deputy General Manager Soohye Kwak Budget, Audit, Education, Cooperation for related organization 663-0004
Deputy General Manager Hooyoung Kim Advertising, New business, HR, Public relations 663-0005
Assistant Manager Joonsung Park Accounting, Listener’s Advisory Council, vehicles and office items 663-0001
Programming and Production Dept. Executive Producer Mikyung Shin Head of Programming and Production Dept. 663-0033
Senior Producer Yunjin Cho General Manager / Producer 663-0035
Senior Producer Hyunjoon Jang General Manager / Producer 663-0034
Producer ChangMin Ji Deputy General Manager / Producer 663-0036
Producer Jiyeong Min Radio program production 663-0037
Producer Eunji Kim Radio program production 663-0038
Producer Tina Park Radio program production 663-0040
New Media Technology Team. Executive Manager Jong Uk Ha Head of New Media Technology. 663-0053
Assistant Manager Byukdong Kim Broadcasting transmission, Broadcasting Equipment Management
Support of outdoor production system operation
Assistant Manager YeaChan Heo Broadcasting transmission, Website, App, Groupware management 663-0056
Assistant Manager DongHa Kim Broadcasting transmission 663-0055