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  • Listener's Charter

Listener's Charter

Listener's CharterOne, we will make efforts to provide useful and various information for foreigners

  • One, we will make efforts to enhance globalization mind for citizen
  • One, we will make efforts to enhance understanding of multi-cultures
  • One, we will play a gate role for citizen and foreigners
  • One, we will make efforts to promote local and international events

Service plans

  • Making efforts to provide useful and various information for foreigners
    • Providing information through production of local news
    • Newly preparing information corner within program
  • Enhancement of globalization mind for citizen
    • Broadcasting campaign for public interest
    • Delivering overseas news via program
  • Making efforts to provide useful and various information for foreigners
    • Holding multi-culture-related events
    • Producing special programs for multi-culture
  • Making efforts to play a communication role between citizen and foreigners
    • Preparing a place for harmony through opened and special programs
    • Preparing program participated by domestic people and foreigners
  • Advertising local international events

Service guideline

  • Basic mind for customer satisfaction
    • We, wearing tidy cloths with clean appearance, will always meet customers with bright smile and polite greeting.
    • We will always meet customers under clean business site by arranging it
    • We will think everything in terms of customers and respond to customers rapidly, correctly and fairly with active problem solving attitudes
    • We won't let questions and suggestion from customers repeated more than two times.
  • Visiting customer satisfaction
    • We will first say hello to customers and guide them to a corresponding employee
    • We will notify result of customer claim within one day which is difficult to be solved immediately
    • If an employee that customer wants to find is absent, we will let other employee process customer’s request and if an employee in charge is away from desk, we will let him or her contact customer in concern immediately.
    • When the disabled, the old and the infirm make phone call to us before they visit us, we will wait for them 5 minutes earlier and then guide them for what they need.
    • We will post an organization chart which shows each employee’s task and picture so that customers can easily ask questions about their needs
  • Customer satisfaction for those who make phone call
    • We will respond to a phone call from customer before it rings more than 3 times and respond them friendly identifying organization and name.
    • When we transfer a call from customer to an employee in charge, we will first inform him or her of available phone number leaving a voice message “Please wait for second” for preparation of disconnected call which may occur during transferring.
    • If an employee in charge is absent, we will let him contact customer in need immediately according to the customer’s intention
  • Customer satisfaction from internet and home page (web site)
    • We will respect opinions and suggestions from customers and improve them by running a box for customer’s voice at web site of the foundation.
    • We will always collect voices of customers by running customer center in the web site of the foundation and activating civil complaints, notification of absurdities, unkindness and proposals.
    • If customers think that there are some unkindness or unsatisfaction and issues to be improved for provided service, give us your opinions or claims via post mail, FAX or internet web site and then we will accept those in a humble way and reflect them for our tasks.
  • 고객참여 및 의견수렴
    • 회사 내 고객의 건의함을 설치 운영함으로써 고객의 의견과 건의를 존중하고 개선해 나가도록 하겠습니다
    • 재단 홈페이지에 고객센터운영을 통한 민원사항, 부조리 불친절 신고, 제안마당을 활성화하여 고객의 소리를 상시 수렴하겠습니다
    • 제공한 서비스에 대하여 불친절, 분만족하거나 개선할 사항이 있을 경우에는 문서, 전화, 우편, FAX, 인터넷홈이지 등을 통하여 의견을 주시면 겸허히 수렴하여 업무에 반영 하겠습니운영하습니다.
  • Corrections and compensation against customer claims
    • If there is any unkindness or unsatisfaction from customer, we will train our employees and correct those activities to avoid re-occurrence
    • If other promised administrative service standards are not conformed, give us call immediately and then we will correct them immediately and train our employees in concerns.