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Clean Report Center

What is Clean Report Center?

This center offers a service where you can report any problems about bribery, especially for handling cases when the workers of BeFM inevitably accept bribery forbidden from someone concerning with work.

Cases to report

  • When workers unwillingly accept money and other valuables but they don't know how to return it.
  • When someone secretly leave money and other valuables on workers' desk or other places during their absence.
  • When workers cannot return it back because it was delivered by the 3rd party or post
  • When workers accept any money or valuables directly/indirectly for work.

How to report?

  • Anyone can report by letter, fax, e-mail or the website.
    • The person in charge : Kwak Soo Hye , Administration & Business Dept.
    • E-mail :
    • Call : 051-663-0004 / Fax : 051-663-0019
  • Note
    • The informant should describe details based on the 5W1H principle.
    • Please describe the specific date, and the kind of bribery if available.

Who/When should report?

  • Person who take bribery or know information about it should directly report.

How to handle bribery?

  • In the case when we can find the provider : The chief officer of ethic act will return it back with letter.
  • In the case when we cannot find the provider : It will be noticed on the website and then donate for social welfare facilities or public organizations.