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Terms of Service

Chapter 1 General Rules

Article 1 (Purpose)

The "Terms of Service" is aimed to define terms and procedures for the use of Internet-related services (hereinafter referred to as "services") provided by Busan English Broadcasting, rights, liabilities and obligations of Busan English Broadcasting and users and other necessary stipulations.

Article 2 (Outline and revision of "Terms of Service")

  • 1. Busan English Broadcasting shall post the "Terms of Service" on the service screen.
  • 2. In case of revision, Busan English Broadcasting shall post on the initial service screen the effective date of and reason for the revision, alongside the current "User Terms of Service," seven days before the effective date unt2019-08-22il the day before the new terms go into effect.

Article 3 (Definition of Terms)

Items not stipulated in the "Terms of Service" and the interpretation manner of the terms are governed by the Regulations on Terms of Service Act, the Basic Telecommunication Act, the Telecommunication Business Act, the Regulations on the Information Communication Ethics Committee's Review, the Codes of Conduct on Information Communication, the Computer Program Protection Act and other relevant laws and regulations.

Article 4 (Definition of Terms)

User: It refers to one who receives services provided by Busan English Broadcasting regardless of membership standing.

Chapter 2 Use of Services

Article 5 (Period of use of services)

  • 1. Services can be used round the clock every day of the year, but can be temporarily suspended partially or entirely due to Busan English Broadcasting operational check-ups, replacement of mechanical components or malfunction. In such cases, Busan English Broadcasting shall notify members of these changes before or after they occur.
  • 2. Busan English Broadcasting may designate separate service hours for each category and announce them beforehand.

Article 6 (Information supply service and ad posting)

  • 1. Busan English Broadcasting can post ads on service screens in relation to the operation of its services.
  • 2. Busan English Broadcasting bears no responsibility for any losses or damage incurred by members as a result of their participation in any sponsor sales promotions posted on the Busan English Broadcasting service programs.

Article 7 (Protection of intellectual property rights)

  • 1. Busan English Broadcasting owns all copyrights and intellectual property rights of its productions.
  • 2. Users cannot make commercial use of the materials provided through services, including processing and/or selling of the information they have obtained through services.
  • 3. Whether commercially minded or not, members are banned from copying, transmitting and/or distributing all content and/or services provided by Busan English Broadcasting using simple links and/or other electronic methods in other space than the Busan English Broadcasting website.

Chapter3 Personal Information Protection

Article 8 (Personal Information Protection)

Busan English Broadcasting complies with relevant polices on ‘Communications Secret Protection Act’, ‘Telecommunications Business Act’, and promoting the use of information and communication networks

Article 9 (Personal Information Protection Management in Busan English Broadcasting)

  • The Busan English Broadcasting will do its utmost to secure safety so that your personal information is not lost, stolen, leaked, tampered or damaged
  • However, personal information protection obligations do not apply to collecting personal information posted on the Busan English Broadcasting website

Article 10 (Agreement on personal information use)

  • Busan English Broadcasting System does not disclose or share your personal information to the outside world without consent. However, there will be exceptions for the following cases
    • When consent is obtained from the user
    • When the viewers’ opinions, application songs, surveys etc. posted on bulletin boards by users are reflected in the program
    • When it is deemed necessary to disclose personal information in order to take legal action for causing psychological and material damage to others.
    • When there is a request from national institutions for legal regulations, such as the Framework Act on Telecommunications
    • In case of a criminal investigation or request by the Telecommunications Ethics Commission or in case of a request by relevant statutes.
    • If the data is provided without personal identification for statistical production, academic research or market research
  • Busan English Broadcasting can use personal information for various statistics related to business and send cookies to your computer through service.

Chapter 4 Each Party's Obligation

Article 11 (Busan English Broadcasting's obligations)

  • 1. Busan English Broadcasting shall not do anything that is banned by law and the "Terms of Service" or runs counter to public morals. Busan English Broadcasting must strive to provide members with consistent and stable services.
  • 2. Busan English Broadcasting must immediately deal with grievances related to services filed by members.
  • 3. Busan English Broadcasting must use a security system to protect the personal information of users so that they can safely use services.
  • 4. Busan English Broadcasting must notify relevant members of the reason for the delay and a schedule to deal with such grievances via the service website or e-mail.

Article 12 (Users' obligations)

  • Users are banned from engaging in any business activities using services without prior approval from Busan English Broadcasting, and from distributing or posting materials that violate laws.
  • Users should not engage in any of the following in relation to the use of services:
    • 1. Photocopying, duplicating, altering, interpreting, publishing, broadcasting, transmitting, or posting information obtained from services and/or providing others with it without prior approval from Busan English Broadcasting
    • 2. Destroying the public order by posting pornographic materials on the service website and/or the bulletin board, or posting links to obscene sites or distributing obscene materials
    • 3. Damaging or insulting others' honor, posting or transmitting via e-mail or other methods materials that infringe upon others' rights such as patents, trademarks, business secrets, copyright and other intellectual property rights
    • 4. Hacking or spreading computer viruses
    • 5. Consistently posting or transmitting via e-mail and other methods certain materials including promotional ads against others' will
    • 6. Illegally using another member's ID
    • 7. Collecting and storing the personal information of other members
    • 8. Illegally using the identity of others including that of a Busan English Broadcasting employee or system operator
    • 9. Falsely identifying the sender of contents transmitted by services
    • 10. Altering information on the service website
    • 11. Stalking or harassing others on the service website
    • 12. Any acts hampering or might hamper the operations of the services and others running counter to relevant laws

Chapter 5 Others

Article 13 (Compensation for damage)

Busan English Broadcasting bears no responsibility for any damage to members or users in relation to free services, unless in the case of an intentional crime.

Article 14 (Escape clause)

Busan English Broadcasting is not liable for products or services provided by affiliates.

Article 15 (Application of laws)

Busan English Broadcasting and members must make all necessary efforts to smoothly resolve conflicts caused in relation to services.

Article 16 (Application of laws)

If a lawsuit is filed despite all efforts, it shall be under the jurisdiction of the court that exercises jurisdiction over Busan English Broadcasting headquarters. Additional clause
The "Terms of Service" went into effect on Dec. 15, 2007, and the precious version was replaced by the one.