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  • Monday ~ Friday 07:00 ~ 09:00 AM

Overview of Programs

  • Morning Wave in Busan is an early-bird news show featuring current affairs and extensive analyses of issues with entertaining human interest topics featured every day.
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About Corners

Daily Segments

News Highlights / Local Updates / Hot Clip of the Day

Special Interview

  • Interview with a key person/expert on the hottest issue of the moment

What’s Trending Now

Weekly Segments


  • Economic News
  • Sunny Side Up : Feel good news


  • International News
  • Andrew’s Believe it or Not : Fake news or real news?


  • National News
  • #NEWS : Inside scoop on trending news from the week


  • #TheHealth : Separate fact from fiction in health news
  • History Repeats Itself : Comparing today’s news to stories from history, so we can learn from the past and predict the future.


  • Foreign Press Highlights : News about Korea from foreign media
  • Weekend Planner : What to do during the weekend

Staff and Cast

  • Producer : Cho Yunjin
  • Host : Katherine Bang
  • Writer : Haley Suh, Eunice Chung, Jieun Woo