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Overview of Programs

Special Programming from Busan e-FM

Busan e-FM will provide special broadcast programs to a “Healthy Media Community” in Busan.

The fresh, new waves of English broadcasting first arose on February 27th, 2009, at 11 a.m.? the date and time when Busan e-FM was launched. A special inaugural show called “The English Waves Come In” was aired for one hour.

On May 23rd, a special show for the “Global Gathering” event was aired to bring together the Korean and foreign communities. The event was held near BEXCO, in Haeundae.

And, on June 5th, from 6 to 8 p.m., Busan e-FM celebrated its 100th day with a special two-hour broadcast called “Stay Tuned at 90.5 for another 100 Years.”